Where are you located/ what is your address?

In cyberspace! At this stage, Love Coco Blossoms is purely online. I create all my bunches in my studio at home. I may open a shopfront down the track, but for now, my home is the interwebs ;)

Want to send one of our gorgeous bunches to a loved one? Go on, it will make them smile ;) order here: Canberra Flower Delivery

What is your phone number?

We don't have one sorry! Being an entirely online business, we do not have a physical address or a contact number. If you need to discuss something about your order, please send us your enquiry through the contact page and we will get back to you ASAP!

Why can't I select colours?

At this stage all of my bunches are "florist's choice". I'm still a solo-show, so the bunches really depend on what flowers are in season and I am able to get from the markets. Even though you can't select the style of bouquet, I promise that they will be BEAUTIFUL ;)  

Where do you deliver? 

All suburbs in Canberra. For a full list of postcodes that we deliver to, please read check our delivery page. 

Do you do same day delivery?

No. You will need to place your order by 9pm for next day delivery.

What happens if no one is at home to collect the flowers?

We will do our best to find a safe, shady spot to leave the flowers if no-one is there to collect them. We will always ensure that they have a water source to keep them hydrated. If there isn’t a safe place to leave the flowers, we won’t leave them there. You will be charged and additional $12 re-delivery fee, and the flowers will be delivered the following day. To make life easier for everyone, please, please, please leave the recipient's phone number. That way we have a much better chance of being able to deliver them.

Why do you need the phone number of the recipient?

In case the person isn't at home or we are having trouble locating them, a quick phone call usually solves all problems. Leaving your own number usually doesn't help when we are trying to contact the recipient, so please, please, PLEASE provide their phone number on the order. 

When will my flowers be delivered, and can I select a time of delivery?

Flowers are delivered to residential addresses between 7am and 7pm, and to business addresses between 9am and 5pm. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate for specific delivery times at this stage. Generally, and I truly mean only generally, flowers are delivered between 2:30pm and 5:30pm. 

The date I am after doesn't seem to be available, what's up with that?

It means that the bunches for that day are sold out. Because it is still a one man show at this stage, I have a cap on the number of deliveries I can accomodate in a single day, and they sell out quick! 

What do I do if I have entered the incorrect address for delivery?

Oh no! Please get in touch as soon as possible at: lovecocoblossoms@gmail.com to let us know. We hold no responsibility for delivering to an incorrect address, and it is up to you when you place the order to ensure the correct address is given. 

What vases do you use?

Depends! It could be a trendy mason jar, or a crystal cylinder. We choose the vase to suit the blooms. 

What sizes do you have?

Please refer to our size guide. 

I have ordered a floral subscription, when will my flowers be delivered?

Your flowers will be delivered on a re-occuring basis, dependant on the day and week that you initially selected. For example, if your first bunch was placed for delivery on the last Friday in the month, then your deliveries from then on will be on the last Friday of the month until your subscription ends. It is totally up to you if you want to change the dates however, just let us know! We also don't deliver on public holidays, so if a delivery falls on a public holiday, it will be delivered the next business day.


Do you have a minimum or maximum number of attendees for a flower crown workshop? 

The minimum for a workshop is four. There is no maximum, the more the merrier we say! 

How much does a workshop cost? 

A flower crown workshop is $70.00 per person. I bring everything you need, except the bubbles!  

How long does a workshop run for?

Workshops run for approximately one to two hours. 

Do I need to bring anything to the workshop?

No, just you and your lovely friends!

Where are workshops held?

I come to you and am super flexible, whatever suits you and your tribe. Generally though, working at a table is easier. If you would like to hold it in a commercial venue, please ensure that you have permission from the venue, and keep in mind that if it is noisy, it might be hard to follow along. In saying all that, I am pretty flexible, I have even held them as a picnic in the park!



I would like a particular style and colour, can you accommodate?

Of course! Just email me at lovecocoblossoms@gmail.com with what you had in mind, and I will send you a quote.  

How much notice do you need for a custom flower crown?

Generally orders for flower crowns need to be in at least one week before. If you need one sooner, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to accomodate. 

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