New Charity Alert!

One of the beautiful things about running your own business, is having the ability to choose who you support and where your money is going. When I started Love Coco Blossoms, it was really important to me that I donated some of my profit to incredible charities that had a truly meaningful impact on the lives of others. I reached out to various organisations and discussed arrangements for setting aside some of my profit to assist them in their mission.

What struck me hard was that there were SO. MANY. WORTHY. CHARITIES.

I asked all of you, who you wanted me to support through the business. The beautiful suggestions produced a long list from research groups to aid organisations, from life-saving groups to animal welfare foundations. It was overwhelming.

That’s when it dawned on me, owning my own business means I have the flexibility to choose who to donate to, and change my donations when I feel called to support a new charity. Having this flexibility is so important to me, because I truly feel there are so many worthy causes that need all of the support they can get.

For the most of year one, I donated a couple of dollars from each sale to the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation. I met with the incredible founder Peter Cursley, and was blown away by his story of how and why he started the foundation. His passion drew me in, and I am so happy to say that from January 2019 to November 2019, I was able to donate $223.00 of the profit to the foundation.

In December 2019 and January 2020, our beautiful country was on fire. I took the opportunity to change charities, and decided to put our dollars towards the NSW Rural Fire Service. To celebrate one year in business, I personally matched all donations for the month of January. I am so proud to say that for the months December and January, $46 of the Love Coco Blossoms profit was donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service. It may seem small, but every drop makes a river flow.

So this brings us to our next chapter, and a new powerful charity:


If you haven't already seen their page on Instagram, check them out immediately. This foundation has pulled at my heartstrings so strongly, for so long, I can't even put into words how excited I am to start donating to this incredible foundation!

I often find myself in an hour-long rabbit-hole of before and after dog videos on their page, with tears streaming down my cheeks. The work that they are doing in Thailand is phenomenal and so, so important.

From February 2020, a few dollars from every bunch sold will be supporting the Soi Dog Foundation, and I am so excited! To read all about how much profit is donated, check out the charities page for more information.

So much love,

Coco xoxo

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