Australia is on fire, this is how you can help

Australia is experiencing one of the worst natural disasters to date, and there is no sign of reprieve. As someone living in Canberra, I personally am not experiencing any real threat. The smoke inhalation is terrible, but it is nothing compared to what the people in the effected areas are going through.
When you are not experiencing the threat directly, it is easy to shift responsibility, or take a stance of "someone else will take care of it'. This deflection of responsibility is unfortunately common, even in situations like when a person is hurt or in need. It is quite easy to assume that someone else will step in. Imagine what it would be like to be in the shoes of a person who just lost their home. You would hope that every single person out there was doing whatever they could to help. 

The fire fighters, locals and wildlife need your help.. This is not the time to set aside responsibility. We need to take action. 


The difference that $1 can make… 

Let's think about the difference that $1 can make. If every single person in Canberra donated $1, as a city we would have donated collectively over $390,000. Now if everyone thought, I can only donate a dollar, what difference does it make? And chose to not donate their $1, the people who really need your help right now, would be missing out on over $390,000 worth of assistance. Every dollar counts. 
So where can you find the money to help? 
A lot of people are living paycheck to paycheck, and I completely understand that it can feel difficult to find the extra dollars to contribute. The easiest way to do it, is to look at your current lifestyle and think 'what can I sacrifice?'. Not forever, but just for a short time. Is it your coffee, bought lunches, or parking? There are always small adjustments that we can make, to create a few extra dollars in a week. Here are just a few ideas, that you only need to do ONCE to create a few dollars: 
  • Coffee - if you buy takeaway coffee, sacrifice as little as one per week.
  • Lunches and bought food - Make your own food for even one day per week.
  • Parking - catch public transport to work, and set aside the money you would have spent on parking.
  • Memberships and subscriptions - put your gym membership on hold for a week.
  • Post-pone appointments like hair and nail appointments. Can you deal with regrowth for one month longer?
  • Change your catch-ups. If you are meeting friends for dinner, invite them to your house for wine instead and set aside the $50 or so that you would have spent in a restaurant.
  • If you are paid by the hour, work an extra hour, and donate those earnings.
  • Hold a morning tea at your workplace.
  • Sell something. You know that antique clock in the garage that you never look at? Sell it. Heck, hold a garage sale.
  • Plan your meals for the week, and only do one grocery shop. Ever noticed how you go to the shops for milk, and come out with chocolate, some veggies and a bag of chips? One of the biggest ways you can save money is by simply not going to the shops.
  • Before you purchase anything, ask yourself whether it is necessary, and whether that money is better off going elsewhere.
  • If you have a surprise saving on an item, donate the money that you saved unexpectedly.
  • Going out for drinks? Pre-drink so that you don't buy as many drinks out.
 These are just a few of the ways you can create some extra cash. If you would rather donate supplies, look up your local drop-off centre and donate what you are able to. 
Okay, I have a few dollars, what now? 
That is awesome honey! Now decide where you feel your dollar will make the biggest difference. To make donations, here are just some of the organisations that you can help: 
There are a lot of businesses and social media influencers who are also doing incredible things to raise money. Have a look on their social pages to see if you can contribute through their account. 
To see how I am contributing, have a read of our charity page.
Every single dollar counts, and we ALL have the power to make a difference. 
Love Coco xx

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